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Call Jeffery D Downing, MD FACOG today for the highest quality in obstetrician services. Whether you're currently pregnant, working on getting pregnant, or are dealing with a woman's issue, our clinic is the right choice for you.

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You can feel confident knowing that Jeffery D Downing delivered more than 5,000 babies and has the experience to provide you with the right medical care for your needs. When you schedule an appointment at our clinic, you'll also enjoy a comfortable, quiet, and temperature controlled atmosphere.

Meet Alice

Alice is a registered nurse who has worked side-by-side with Jeffery D Downing for more than 20 years. Alice has specialty certifications in obstetrical and surgical nursing, surgical assisting, OB/GYN, ultrasonography, and bone densitometry. Alice performs all the ultrasounds and also helps Jeffery D Downing in all cesarean sections and major surgeries.

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